Senior Exercise


Senior Exercises


It Is Never Late to Remain Fit with Senior Exercises

Adult Fitness Program from “Impower Age”


Many people in advanced ages have wrong conception that they cannot get involved in exercising for remaining fit. “Impower Age” thinks otherwise.


If you are 50+ and worried about remaining fighting fit; you need not lose heart because it is never too late to be fit. Exclusive fitness guide offered by “Impower Age” will help you address any problem relating to advance age fitness.


Elderly Fitness

How “Impower Age” does aim to achieve this feat?

Of course it is true that feats that could be easy and achievable at 20 are not so for anyone who is 50+. Yet the comprehensive and easy to follow guide book provided by us will help all adult people irrespective of their current status achieve the allusive fitness they are looking for.


Everything is explained thoroughly and represented with images.

Every exercise in the guide book is explained thoroughly and supported with pictures depicting various stances. Best part of it is that all the exercises are tailor made for the physical conditions common in advanced ages.


It is comprehensive and not partial guide.

Unlike most other guides and workout plans available in the market, the one offered by “Impower Age” is comprehensive covering everything from warm-up through cooling-down. You will get all the correct tips and tricks that help you maintain perfect balance preventing injuries due to loss of balance and fall.


Senior Exercise

We offer special Guidance for pre-existing conditions.

Many elderly people could be subject to pre-existing conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure. For such people we offer special guidance in our guide book that makes exercising easier and very fruitful for them reducing the effects of such diseases on their anatomy.


No specific pre-existing fitness level is necessary.

Exercising programs and plans in the guide book offered by “Impower Age” have been formed in such manner that it is ideal for all fitness levels. That means you do not need any special pre-existing fitness level that are mandatory for various other programs in the market. Even if you have never exercised in life, this is the guide book meant for you. In true sense, it is an all purpose exercising guide book applicable to all people in advanced ages, irrespective of their gender, and other differences.


Active Senior

It offers great flexibility and scope for customization.

If you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry about it. Every exercise prescribed in the guide book can be modified conveniently for the beginner, intermediate, or even the advanced athletes. You can start with the lighter and easier exercises and as you grow stronger, you can migrate to more difficult ones gradually. It is like passing through stages.


Why is it safe and highly recommended?

This obviously is one of the questions that will come to the prospective user’s mind. It is natural in advanced ages to be doubtful about the possible effects of any stress or strain on the physique. You will have peace of mind by learning that the exercise programs have been written by a doctor and personal trainer exclusively for older adults.



It is not late even if you are much ahead of 50.
Just try it and you will love it for sure!

Impower Age




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Best Abs Workout


Abs Workouts

Best Abs Workout for Men and Women


Every man and woman desires to have nice looking abs if not six packs. However, it is also the most difficult part in human anatomy for losing weight. Learning about best abs workouts for men and women can help.


Most weight loss and fat burning aspirants and especially those looking for a lean and trim body often ask about best abdominal workout that could help them get the shapely physique. There are however some exercises that are good equally for men and women.



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Avoid the Wrong Ones

abs workout for menNumerous products are available in the market showing the aspirants some abs workout for men as well as abs workout for women. Unfortunately, many of them aim only at extracting money from the hapless buyers without serving any useful purpose. It is essential for the buyers to stay away from such products that serve no real purpose. Prudent buyers must stay away from so called best abs workouts and save them valuable money and time.


Easy to Perform


One of the studies that were conducted by ACE; the American Council of Exercise, indicates that best abs workouts are not difficult to perform. Rather they are quite easy to manage. However it is necessary for the performer to prepare a comprehensive and usable abs workout plan to succeed in his or her endeavor. They can also easily fit into the daily routine of the aspirant for flat abdominal.


abs workout for man


Different Ways of Abs Workout

In fact there are different types of abs workout exercises as well as the equipments for them. Some of the popular abs workout exercise are as follows. Use of instruments like Ab Roller machine. Performing simple ab improving exercises – weight exercises for flat and muscular abs.


Research and Experiments

To find out the best abdominal workout the researchers used electromyography to understand about the 13 best and most commonly used abs exercises. In the process they measured muscle activities generated by these exercises individually. Target of the researchers was the hips and thigh muscles. It is the hips and thighs keep the abs flabby when the exercises are poorly performed. Researchers found that all exercises are partially effective with relative differences.



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Relative Ranking Given by Experts

abs workout plan

In their endeavor in finding out the best abs workout the researchers gave relative ranking to different abs workout exercises that goes as follows. Best workout exercise is bicycle crunches. Knee lifts on the captain’s chair can give good results for making the abs flat. Crunches on ball can help get flat abs for the performer. Crunches with vertical legs that are like the traditional crunch but the legs are extended in line with the hips. Torso track machine and arm extended crunches. Reverse crunches and the crunches with leg push.


Every Anatomy is Different

Every individual anatomy is different and therefore the best abs workout will also vary for each of them. Every individual performs the exercise differently. At times the exercises that are good for one person can be different and ineffective for another person. People with specific health issues like back, spine, and disc issues they will find performing the abs exercises very difficult. Yet, if the performer is able to choose the right workouts, it will not be difficult to lose fats around the abs and get flat abs.


abs workout exercises


Nothing Special is required

It is not required to have anything special. That means the people looking for best abs workout need not buy equipments or products or take up some special training for the purpose. Flat abs workout is what they require for losing fat around the abdominal and it will render their abs flatter and strong.


Workouts for abs should be simple and inexpensive and it helps the aspirant for getting flat abs to get it easily. Such abs burning results can be achieved even while performing abs exercises at home.



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Abs Exercises at Home

Abs Exercises at Home

Home Abs Exercises for Women and Men


Many women and men, who are either working or housewives, do not find sufficient time to get involved in abdominal or any type of abs exercises. There is some excellent abs exercise at home for women that could help.

abs exercises for men

Facing multiple engagements like working or taking care of the household works and children at home, many women do not find it easy to go to the gyms regularly. However, these women just like any other, desire to have flat abs that will make them look beautiful. Best way for such women would be to perform some abs exercises at home.


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Different Types of Exercises

Multiple types of exercises are there for women that could be performed at home. In fact, such flat abs exercises are some of the easiest to do. No special equipments are required to perform these exercises. A towel or a mat suffices for performing these abs exercises at home.


abs exercises for women


Working from Different Angles

Best way of performing abs exercises for women is performing them from different angles. It means that the performer should exercise with specific attention on some part of the abdomen; upper, lower, or obliques. Such exercises will be good for differently activate different abdominal muscle groups in the anatomy.


Improving Upper Abs

flat abs exercises

One of the best abs workouts is the upper abs exercise that could be performed the following manner. Either in a sitting or crunching position, moving the trunk forward can exercise the upper abs. Women can try lying on their back; place hands behind the head lightly, and flare out the elbows. Thereafter head, shoulder, and upper back should be lifted together and after a moment get back to original position slowly.


Exercise for Lower Abs

Among the abdominal exercises at home for women and men is the lower abs exercises that are very important for flat and strong abs. Exercises for lower abs require the legs moving. Women could get good results by trying the scissor kick by lying down face up on the floor and by placing their hands under the lower back. Lifting both legs off the floor with pointed toes, the performer should smoothly scissor up and down and at the same time stay as close to the floor as possible. This exercise is one of the common inclusions in any set of abs training exercises.


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Exercises for the Obliques

flat abs exercises

No one can expect to have flat and strong abs without getting involved in some sort of special exercises for obliques which is a very important part of the abdomen. Strong obliques contribute to lean and trim waist. They can greatly help women in everyday twisting functional movements. These are also basic 6 packs abs exercises for men and constitute integral part of best abs exercises at home. Exercise can be performed by performing crunches at home by lying with knees bent and face up with feet flat on the floor and arms extended to both sides with chin lifted. Hold a moment to contract the oblique; the performer should lower down the body halfway while reaching to the other side and continuing the movements on either side of the body.


Few Useful Tips

While performing abs exercises at home women have to take stock of certain factors. They should consider their physical conditions before taking to any abs exercise. Same principle applies for abs exercises for men that mean it is important judging the physical condition before taking up any such exercises or there could be adverse repercussions on the health. Experts recommend that three sets of twenty reps per ab exercises three times per week would constitute the best abs exercise for home and that will allow the performer adequate rest as well as recovery times.


However, it is also necessary that the performer follows a healthy diet plan and disciplined lifestyle.


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Fat Burning Tips


How to Burn the Fat

Best 10 Fat Burning Tips for You


Fat burning is the objective of most of the overweight and obese people. However it is important learning about the best fat burner tips for weight loss that will make it easier and convenient. Everyone who is overweight wishes to lose weight. One of the best ways of losing overweight is aerobic activities. However, the aerobic activity in which one gets involved in aerobic exercises to ensure that they do it in a healthy way and without endangering their health. Some useful fat burning tips can help the endeavor making the fat burning aspirant learn how to burn the fat and get a lean and trim physique.


Take the Steps

body fat burner

Most of the people have the habit of using the lift for going to higher floors. However body overweight burner can be best supported in the following manner. Instead of using the lift and elevator, using the steps to go a few stories up will help respiratory system, cardiac system, and will be good for fat burning as well. Also fat burning tips include parking the car a couple of blocks away from the destination and walking the distance which is a very good fat burner and for weight loss. In work place, using around 15 minutes of lunch time for walking would be one of the best fat burners for weight loss and fat burning aspirants.



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Lifting Weight is Different from Weight Lifting

Lifting weight can help fat burner system in the body. User should understand the difference between lifting weight and weight lifting as the former refers to lifting weight within the capability in a relaxed manner while the later refers to action taken by body builders and athletes where more weight is the essence of the activity. Finding lifting weight in the fat burner tips thus refers to use of a little greater weight than the user is accustomed to.


Walking is the Best Exercise

body fat burner

It is often said that walking is the best exercise. The concept is not without basis. In fact, walking can help lose greater weight burning a lot of fat without excessively stressing or exhausting the user. Walking one hour daily in the morning or evening would even be best to burn fat easily without problem. However one of the fat burning tips for weight loss and fat burning through walking is that the user has multiple options with walking.


Walking for an hour can alone burn around 400 calories while a person to lose a pound of weight every week requires burning around 500 calories. Walking for 30 minutes in morning and another 30 minutes in evening will give the same results. Conversely, a person can walk for thrice a day, each for 10 minutes and lose 200 calories. All these walking habits are helpful for fast overweight burning and are therefore part of effective fat burning tips.



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Using Medications and Supplements

Many people who do not find enough time for workout or cannot stick to dieting and other fat burning processes, use medications and supplements that work as body fat burner. For fat burning people use pills, supplements, and even use surgical operations like liposuction. However, one of the important fat burning tips is that before using such medications, pills, and supplements, one has to take care of the fact that they contain only natural component and is approved by the local health authorities like FDA and others.


body fat burning


Other Fat Burning Methods

Various other weight burner methods are also there like using elliptical machines, rock climbing, swimming or abs exercises at home. These are natural ways of losing weight by fat burning. Some of the exercising machines are really good for fat burning purposes.


However, once again the pertinent fat burner tips should be that while it is medication, exercise, machineries or any other thing that a weight loss is going to use should be adopted only after consulting the physician. It is the same when someone is trying to get involved in abs burning as well.



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Fat Burning Food


Best Fat Burning Foods

Best Fat Burning Food For Weight Loss


Diets constitute an important part of any fat burner or weight loss program. That is why it is important for the people willing to lose weight. It is common knowledge that fat burning and weight loss can be achieved by judicious and intelligent combination of dieting, workout, and healthy and disciplined lifestyle. However, before understanding how best fat burner foods work for weight loss it is important knowing the basics of fat deposits in human anatomy and how one can burn body fat.


How Fat is Deposited in Body

list of fat burning foods

Human anatomy requires energy for running and such energies are obtained from food the body intakes. It is all a matter of calories in the food. More the amount of calories in the food, the more will be energies derived from them. It is also necessary for the body to expend energy in order to digest foods and the harder the digesting of the food is, more energy would be spent for digesting them. When food is easily digested and energy obtained, it may also result in overweight accumulation and the reverse action takes place when foods are difficult digesting are constitutes the best fat burning foods.



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How to Burn Body Fat

It is necessary for the weight loss aspirant to know how to burn body fat. If they body consumes more calories than it intakes in form of foods and beverages then the body will draw on the stored fats to get the necessary amount of energies. The process can be expedited by putting the best overweight burner food in the daily diet.

Calorie Calculation

Since for weight loss and fat burning it is necessary learning about the quantum of calories in each of the food components. There are basically three acro-nutrients in any food component. These are carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Each gram of carbohydrate and protein contains 4 calories while each gram of fat contains 9 calories. Putting in the diet best fat burner foods will help reduce the calorie contents in the food and that will help burn fat faster. Such food will contain fewer fats and more of minerals and water components. At the same time fiber containing foods are harder to digest and thus creates fewer calories for the physique.



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Fat Cells in the Body

fat burning food

Body derives energy in form of carbohydrate, fats, and protein by consuming foods. A part of the energy and fuel derived is used for running the body and keep it fit. But any excess part will take the form of fats and will accumulate in the fat cells in the body. It is exactly where the fast fat burning foods come into play. It does not really burn out overweight directly but helps by reducing the calorie intake because they are low calorie foods. Best fat burning foods are always determined on the basis of calories they contain and supply to the body.


Fat Burning Foods

How to determine which ones are the best fat burning foods? One of the best ways is to look at the lists offered by health websites. It may also be a good way contacting the physician or dietician to get the right fat burning food list. But why is the list important. It is because most of the people do not know about the real fat burning foods and how to choose them. Having a list of these overweight burning foods from the experts will help them to choose the right one and to constitute the right diet. And those who look for taste in their food, may settle for some fat burning recipes made with the best fat burning foods.

However fat burning process is a complex matter and it will require having a few fat burning tips on overweight burning that will help burn fat and lose weight best and healthiest way.

  list of fat burning foods


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